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Wuxi Erxing Varnish Materials Co.,Ltd.
The specialized management high-quality goods health bath hardware, imports the kitchen water trough, the advertizing material, the furniture hardware, the decoration and so on.

Chongqing RONGYUE Technology co.,ltd.
engergy saving steaming pot; long-distance monitoring; pismire series products; rhubarb tea; series health products; slimming underwear; spiral algae; tableland speciality

office screens; file case; files shelves; desk; sofa; apartment bed; notes counter; computer desk; highest grade office furniture; worker chair; toilet partition; swivel chair;

GAODAO Cosmetics Co.,ltd.
base oil; bath salt; compound refined oil; ear candle; huashui ); incense fumigating oil; incense fuming lamp; natural essential oil; single square essential oil; warmer

Chongqing KANGMINGSHI Trading Co.,ltd.
pregnant woman's dress; infant's supplies; children's supplies; radiation protection pregnant woman's dress; children's wear; infant's garments; clothing; underwear; pregnant woman; clothing wholesale ...

Wuxi ZHONGBEI Plastic soldered products Factory
water-saving toilet water tank, infrared induction, hydraulic pressure sway. stand alone, patent refill of fountain pen rubber spoil, decade. rinsing MN refill of fountain pen, subsistence MH refill o ...

Chongqing SHAOTAO Leave unused Goods Treatment Co.,ltd.
leave unused goods; leather and down garments processing; second-hand computer; consume electronics; pet; furniture; motor; houshold supplies;

Chongqing BEIBEI JINGSHAN Glass Electric appliance Factory
candle cup; coffeepots; glass; glass coffee pot; glass lampshade; glass tea set; glass water cup; glasswork; ruyi teapot; sealed bottles

Sino-america joint venture Chongqing LELEXIONG Children's supplies Co.,ltd.
Children's garment; Shirt; Underdress; trousers; Stockrider; T-shirts; movement; Recreation; knitting, woven garments sweater; Jacket; Silk garment; Feathers & downs garment

Chongqing SHAPINGBA District MEIHENG sanitaryware Factory
sanitary wares; bathtub; sanitaryware; metal faucet; building materials; water tank; water tank fittings; energy-saving water tank; massage bathtub; wave washing tank;

Chongqing Four sides Pediment JIAO Development Co.,ltd.
flowers; Fresh pepper oil; Pepper oil; Micro-capsule pepper powder; Wild pepper; dry flower; pepper extractive; Aromatic oil; Present box; wild pepper seasoning liquor; Pepper seed oil

Chongqing YUZHONG District RUZHINIU Cookware Development Co.,ltd.
induction cooker special ceramic coffeepots; induction cooker special ceramic kitchenware; induction cooker special glass coffee pot; induction cooker special glass cookware; induction cooker special ...

Guangzhou ABEILI Trading Co.,ltd.
puddle; self-inflated air mattress; sitting chair; sofa

Chongqing YUANYANG MINGZHU Outdoor wooden furniture Co.,ltd.
flower box; metallicfurniture; outdoor table and chair; outdoor wooden furniture; outdoors steel-wood table & chair; outdoors sunshade; outdoors wooden table and chair; park chair; sling chair; stocka ...

Chongqing JIULONGPO District JIANGUO Decoration Co. Ltd.
ground-spring door; frameless balcony; titanium alloy; glass rain shelter; model steel; stainless steel burglarproof net; 3--19mm glass; aluminum alloy; section steel;