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HAOWANG WANG (GAIER MA) Marketing Company
composite nutrition; evening primrose+ soybean isoflavones; garlic deep sea trout soft capsules; grape seed composite nutrition capsule; health-care food; key links recover nutrition; lucerne nutritio ...

Guangxi Luo han guo zhi pin Factory
momordica grosvenori electuary; momordica grosvenri granule; momordica grosvenri concentrated liquid; momordica grosvenori mogroside; mangosteen fruit; momordica grosvenori extractive; mangosteen tea; ...

Nanning DANLIHUA Trading Co.,ltd.
crystal arts; crystal print; france red wine; gifts; investment advisor; management cosulting; meeting planning and service

Nanning TENGBO Trading Co.,ltd.
agent; cars & motorcycles and fittings; communication system; drink; electrics electric; electronic spare parts; energy; food; fur & leather; garments; it products; item cooperation; machinery and ind ...

Guilin LINGCHUAN County LIJIANG Pickles Factory
cabbage; pickled leeks; pickled radish; pimiento; preserved kidney bean; rice vermicelli sour pickled cabbages; sour pickled cabbages

chestnut; glutinous rice dumpling with bean paste; glutinous rice dumpling with fresh meat; gram; jasmine tea; spring festival cake; zongzi

Nanning JIBEN Trading Co.,ltd.
bohr producing area red wine; bohr red wine; france red wine; high & middle grade red wine; import red wine; red wine; red wine agent

Tianlin HENGSHENGTAI Food Factory
agricultural products packaging; canned bamboo shoot in whater;; dried bamboo shoot; chared bamboo; dried mushroom; yun'er;

Liuzhou FUMIN Food Co.,ltd.
preserved cool fruit; sauced pickles;; concentrated arbutus fruit juice; camellia seed oil; fresh-keeping bamboo; orange fruit embryo; arbutus fruit embryo; plum fruit embryo; preserved fruit;; candy;

Liuzhou Huaheng Fenye Food Co.,Ltd.
Southwest the local rice noodle production enterprise, the main product includes: Gold thread rice-flour noodle, wheat face powder, high-quality goods Guilin rice noodle and so on.

Guangxi Longwan Brewer
pismire yang sheng jiu, pismire snake wine, yang sheng jiu, snake king wine, snake-bile chuanbei liquid, sanshe wine, snake-gecko liquor snake wine series products.

Guangxi Shilong Sugar Co.,Ltd.
The Guangxi countygzhou County lizard sugar industry limited liability company is a state-owned medium grade of enterprise, the main product has the white granulated sugar, the red hard sugar, the e ...

Guangxi Huanjiang MAONAN HONGFU Nectar YE Co.,ltd.
speciality; yellow wine; yang sheng jiu; health-caring liquor;; gifts; guangxi speciality; ecologic products; handicrafts of folk;

Wuzhou Food Exhibition
Food quotation, advertisement, printing and present, liquor, drink, candy, media, Chinese food production business spare-time university entire, food sale on commission greatly entire.

Guangxi GUITANG (Group) Co.,Ltd.
alcohol; cement; paper for living use; precipitated calcium carbonate; white sand sugar; writing paper