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Hangzhou JIEMING Information technology Co.,ltd.
agent; construction enterprise management software; enterprise office oa software; financial management software; garments chain software; manufacture enterprise management software; marketing enterpr ...

Zhejiang JIELONG Software Co.,ltd.
computer software; store management software; POS; financing software; telephone secretary office software; office software; freight software; special software;

Hangzhou HEJIA Information technology Co.,ltd.
client management software; costing management system; financial software; human resources software; manufacture manufacturing system; printing system; quality management system

Hangzhou QIYA Technology co.,ltd.
housekeeper. net; housekeeper+; 0A oa; housekeeper erp series; housekeeper 2008 series; housekeeper; housekeeper clothing 2008 series; small & middle sized enterprises erp; housekeeper sutra; housekee ...

Hangzhou CHANGNAN Information technology Co.,ltd.
software; security; rtment management; housekeeper; unite efforts; leave no stone unturned; tavern;; erp; oa; CRM; computers component;

Hangzhou BOZHONG exhibition Co.,ltd.
assembly room osal; audio video rent; exhibition design; lighting; movement playact; movement promoting; organic carving; planning; rent; shop property; stage rent

WUZHIMEI Art Garments Co.,ltd.
dancing dress; dancing shoes; vestment; practising dress; stage costume; playact stage property; stage design; lighting and acoustics rent; national garments;;

Zhejiang KEHONG Software Co.,ltd.
printing & dyeing industry management specialist; printing and dyeing erp; software; textile trading management system; throng; weaving

ZHUJI City Credit Union
engaged in look on service, de for oneself venture assume sole responsibility for its p subject wrap cooperation finance co..

Shenzhen Sheng Yao Investment Development Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Tianan Insurance Ltd.
enterprise worth loss, household worth loss insurance, construction engineering insurance, installation engineering insurance, transportation insurance, motor vehicle insurance, watercraft insurance, ...

Wenzhou Technology Property right Exchange
Is engaged in the technical achievement transfer, the technical property right transaction, the enterprise stockholder's rights investment and the property right transaction.

Zhejiang Guoxin Security Jiaxing Sales Department
Provides on-line transaction special-purpose software, the daily quotation information, the expert on-line explanation investor doubts the difficulty.

Zhejiang WANHAI Investment Co.,ltd.
arts & crafts; household articles; machinery & equipment; material testing equipment and products; metal building materials; nonmetal and products

Ningbo Traffic Investment Development Company
road, bridge, airport, dock, traffic substructure facilities, traffic liary facilities travel investment construct, and management.