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Chongqing ZHENGLONG Power-driven equipment Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
alternator; diesel engine; electrical component; manufacturing generating unit and installation and after service

Wuxi ZHENDA Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
provide transformer substation, switch, electric appliance equipment, electric equipment, just piezoelectricity.

Chongqing HAISEN Mechanical & electronical equipment Development Company
PAG water-solubility quenching agent; heat treatment quenching oil; refined chemical products;

Chongqing BEIBEI District JINKANG Mechanical & electronical equipment Factory
3032733; 3036453; 3044195; 3044196; 3062322; 3408324; 3408326; 3408328; 4914090; 4914091

Chongqing GUANYANG Mechanical & electronical equipment Co.,ltd.
engineering; generator marketing; generator mating; generator parts; service

Chongqing Sanwennuan Electric Co., Ltd.
Gas storage water heater,electric storage water heater,solar water heater,storage water heater,OEM