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Jilin XINDONGGUANG Industry (Group) Co.,ltd.
automobile decorative supplies; automotive clutch; foreign trade; garments; general merchandise; industrial chemicals; metals electrical appliances; spare parts of automobile; stationery; steels

Jiaxiang Art copper carving Factory
copper material stones material; copper sculpture personage; animal; religion guanyin isattva; copper sculpture thurible ornamental vessel archaized antique antiquity; copper sculpture city gardens sc ...

YUSHENGTANG Enterprise Group Co.,ltd.
item cooperation and industrial raw materials; market marketing service; Cosmetics; Car supplies; Car supplies; Washing supplies; Health products; Pharmaceutical ; Food

Hangzhou HANGSHENG Clothing Co.,ltd.
making manufacture high & middle grade silk knitted wear; processing manufacture domestic & overseas high grade garment; manufacture marketing de for oneself brand FANSR oa D(); supply high & middle g ...

Weather umbrella; Golf umbrella; Umbrella & gazebo; oil painting; Umbrella for children; Advertising umbrellas; Beach umbrella; Mini umbrella; Folding umbrella; Umbrella with straight pole

Weboo (Tianjin )Co.,Ltd.
Medical health products, High-grade hairdressing chairs, Refrigerator doorseals, Computer security cards, Adhesive tapes, Mixed feed, Additives, Bowlingequipment, Gymnastic apparatus, Semiconductor re ...

LIZHONG Mansion Co.,ltd.
grocery;; home appliance; household general merchandise;; clothing; shoes and hats; toys; agent; logistics distribution;

Medium coal SANJIAN Group
bucket; cage; dispatching winch; gas storage tank; hoisting sheave; movement hoisting sheave; second-grade pressure vessel; slusher dirt loader; steels; throwing jet; well winch

Shaanxi GUOHONG Network technology Co.,ltd.
Netwouk engineering; E-commerce; CB; faery; talent education; international trading; wood; wind power generate electricity; network; Culture; trade; stars packing; umption cosulting; papermaking indus ...

Guangxi Beihai YINHE High-tech Industry Co.,Ltd.
direct-current screen; electric power automation; hv and lv power distribution cabinet; KYN28; power circuit breaker; protection; SF6 ring network cabinet; sheet type resistance; transformer; VYG powe ...

Zhejiang FUJIA Management Cosulting Co.,ltd.
CHRP human resource management certification; CPM professional manager title certification; enterprise; financing majordomo; HR club; president ; university finance investment

Jinan Commerical bank
bank acceptance; export; impawn loan; individual business; manufacturer business; parcel loan; remittance business; time discount business; trustworthiness

Fujian Tea Import & Export Co.
Oolong, Scented tea, Black tea, Green tea, Tea drinks, Special localproducts, Handicraft article, Clock and Watch, Dress, Shoes & Cap

Xiamen Sanyuen Garments & Adornment Co Ltd
building stones; diamond; diamond wafering blades tool bit; garments; large quantity garment processing; prevalence garment processing; tea; various leisure costume; various material manufacture; vari ...

YAOSHUN Group Investment Co.,ltd.
network numeric; Health products; network numeric; Medicine; Real & estate; Steels; Welded pipe; Zinc-plated pipe; import automobile