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RONGCHENG Tongda Aquatic products Co.,ltd.
frozen aquatic product; breaded pollack fillet; squid ring; shrimp cake; scallop; deep sea sleeve-fish; kun bu juan series; sleeve-fish; monkfish; fructus citri sarcodactyli; taiwan zest chicken's ste ...

Shandong SHENGBANG LUYE Chemical Co.,ltd.
acetochlor tc and preparation; alachlor tech 95% and preparation; ametryne technical powder; atrazine technical powder and preparation; butachlor tech 95% and preparation; glyphosate technical powder ...

ZHENZHOU Spare parts and fittings Factory
01CP21; 119; 1CP18; 66610 porcine concentrated feed CP3; 88810 crude protein 43; 99920 crude protein 48; and fittings processing; CP38; engine water tank; feed concentrate; proportioned feedstuff; tri ...

Beijing JIN DU Garden Virescence Co.,ltd.
beijing garden company, young plant, virescence maintain management, environment design industry, take charge beijing magnitude trunk road, section virescence construction, maintain management task.

Tianjin JINFA Medicine for animals Co.,ltd.
fungus;;; enteritis;;; health; compound urotropine;;; qiu di; chang du qing;;;; hotness su ning;; tartrate kitasamycin; vitamins electrolyte; jin fa dui wei;

Shanghai GUIZI Co.,ltd.
bio-chemical refined oil; green bamboo refined oil; green tea refined oil; mint bio-chemical refined oil; priceless refined oil; pure plant essential oil; refined oil; rose incense refined oil

ZHONGMU Industry Co.,Ltd.
amino acid; animal vaccine; flu; forage additive; import fish meal; multi-vitamin; premixed materials; raw material of forage trading

HAIKUI Group Co.,ltd.
Roasted sliced fish; Squid strips; sleeve-fish; Roasted eel; grilled fish; dried fish; dried fish; cuttlefish; Kelp lump; Jellyfish filament; crab; sleeve-fish

BILIMEIYINGWEI Nourishing feed (Shenzhen) Co.,ltd.
10% feed for boar; 4% feed for lactating pig; 4% pregnant pig feed; 4% premixed feed for large pig; 4% premixed feed for middle pig; 4% premixed feed for piggy; 4% reserve sow feed; mummy 100%; porket ...

Chaozhou SANHUAN Group Co.,ltd.
ceramic baseplate; ceramic watch parts; gps antenna; inductance ceramic pedestal; optical fiber core and sleeve; resistance; various capacitor; various resistance

Liu'an Hemp fiber Technology co.,ltd.
hemp fiber; hemp yarn; linoleic acid; marijuana; marijuana active carbon; marijuana seed oil; rope made of hemp; sisal fibre; yarn

Jixiangdongyunfreezingstorageco., Ltd
1. Garlic in small package:100g,200g,300g,500g and 1000g.2. Garlic in big package:5kg and10kg.3. Other agricultural by products: Garlic shoots, garlic powder, carrot, peanut.

Qingdao ZHENGDA Food Co.,ltd
marketing chicken food clients; chicken product. cooked food. condiment. chicken; cooked food product; condiment;; frozen product;

Cangzhou HUANQIU Pharmaceutical co.,ltd
50% choline chloride powder; 60% choline chloride powder; 70% choline chloride liquid; 75% choline chloride liquid; microorganism preparation including; layer chicken special; poularde special; genera ...

Hunan MINGXIN Food Co.,ltd.
agricultural products; canned bamboo shoots; dried bamboo shoot; dried ginger slice; dried yam bean; garlic; marketing; pickled leeks; potato; purchasing; quick-frozen potatoes; salted chilli; salted ...