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Yinchuan Yingtong Technology & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Is engaged in the software development, the system integration, the network construction and the plane design and so on.

JIANING Electronic Info. port
computer network engineering, decoration engineering, refrigeration equipments engineering, professional technology training.

Ningxia JINCHUI Auction Co.,ltd.
ok punish goods; ok punish worth; principal possession; smash enterprise worth.. ok punish goods worth. usufruct. real & estate; usufruct

Zhongwei Network Service
Provides the domain name application, the hypothesized main engine, the high quality website plans, the main page manufacture.

Ningxia ZHENGWANG Biotechnology Co.,ltd.
compound enzyme additive; condensed materials; forage additive.; linter pulp; premixed materials; soybeau dregs; vegetable oil cake

Yinchuan YIBAISHENG Muslim's food Co.,ltd.
lamb mutton; midsection; sheep hind leg;; segmentation red meat; mutton ribs; french mutton ribs;; tendon of sheep;; shoulder beef; fission;; sheep placenta element; ox penis frozen-dry powder; medlar ...

Pingluo XUEHUA Trading Co.,ltd.
calcium carbide;; limenitrogen; silicon iron; limestone; electrode paste; charcoal; active carbon;; steel pig; carbon; carbon black; coke;

Zhongning KANGJIAN Trading Co.,ltd.
medlar; red jujubes; xinjiang big red jujube; beach jujube; pearl date; cangzhou small-sized jujube; licorice; kernel of the seed of job's tears; hawthorn slices; traditional chinses medicine;

NINGXIA CHENGSHI Modern Sculpture Art Factory
provide products : thing personage, animal, garden construction sculpture and stainless steel. professional design, excelsior crafts.

Ningxia YINSHUNDA Trading Co.,ltd.
automatic cleaning machine; automatic machine; construction equipment; GPRS navigation site system; industrial machinery equipment; network telephone set; portable swing machine; study

Yanchi DUSHUN Biology Chemical Co.,ltd
matrine sophocarpine sophora alopecuroide general alkali aloperine huaidingjian cytisine kurarinone liquorice extractum licorice extract powder liquid extract of liquorice

Yinchuan YUNSHUN Technology & trading Co.,ltd.
bar code card; card-read device; computerconsumed material; dining card; electric induction gate; fingerprint-based attendance checking machine; household against-theft; id card; magnetic strip card; ...

Ningxia SHASAI Pharmaceutical co.,ltd
brain protolysate injection; radices sophorae flavescentis injecta; the root of kudzu vine extractive sodium chloride injection; thymus peptide injection

Ningxia QUANXIN Universal equipment Co.,ltd.
weave water heating boiler; ordinary pressure hot-water boiler; tea-bath boiler; automatic electroheat ordinary pressure hot-water boiler

Ningxia QINGAN Biology Co.,ltd.
beach jujube; bitter gourd capsule; capsule; concentrated rubber; jie jiu tea; kendir tea; lotus leaf concentrated rubber; lung-heat clearing tea; medlar; refreshing tea; sheep placenta extractive pea ...