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Yinchuan GUOQUAN Technology & trading Co.,ltd.
modern air conditioner; machine, small-sized home electrical appliance, office supplies; electric appliance service; household air conditioning, commercial ait conditioner, central refrigerating plant ...

Ningxia RONGTING Fur & leather Company
medlar;; fur; tibet lamb skins sheepskin; tanyang sheep wool; fur & leather clothing; utter rabbit fur & leather; lambskin fur sheepskin; fox fur & leather; scarf; waistcoat; fur overcoat; ion; arts & ...

Ningxia DAHUI Color metal Steel structure Co.,ltd.
color metal; colour steel clad plate; c-type steel; die-moulded colour steel clad plate; h-type steel; light steel; section steel; steel structure; z-type steel

Ningxia FUSHENG Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
eyelet machine; iron craft equipment; iron-craft fittings; ironware; metal; metal fish tail shop press; metal hydraulic pressure metal stripe bending machine; metal multiple function making machine; m ...

Ningxia ZHENGWEI Earthworking materials Co.,ltd.
cable materials; colour film; colour-striped cloth; container bag; dressing; extra wide woven fabric; homespun cloth; industrial film; needling geot; pe earthwork film; pe waterproof cloth; plastic ar ...

Ningxia Dianjian Keyuan Industry Co.,Ltd.
Produces straight buries the type heat preservation tube, the heat transfer station design and the installment, the intelligent plot and the building control, high quality activated charcoal productio ...

Jinfeng Xiushi/ Outype Construction Web
Continues the government outside the western-style construction to decorate the design construction and the transformation project, the example customs, the court and so on.

Qingtongxia HUALONG Plastic Industry Co.,ltd.
polyethylene; homespun cloth; pe agricultural film; pe earthwork film; PE geocomposites made of geononwoven and geomembrance; pe tubings; pe shed film; packing membrane;

Ningxia CHANGCHENG XUQI Casting Co.,ltd.
machine tools casting; gas turbine casting; steam turbine casting; engine casting; compressor castings; wind power generate electricity casting; general machine casting;

Ningxia Qinglong Pipe Co.,ltd.
prestress reinforcing steel bar water duct; steel bar reinforced concrete drainpipe; pvc (U pvc ) service pipe; bre tr144-hdpe ( hdpe ) service pipe; prestress water duct; double-walled corrugated pip ...

Yinchuan XINYINDA Steel-made office furniture Co.,ltd.
bookcase ; compact rack; document case; file case; safe; screen; storing cabinet ; student bed; various iron & steel table & char; wardrobe for clothes changing; work table

Yinchuan Network Communication Co.,ltd.
ADSL; copying printer; dvd player; electrograph; MODEN; mp3 player; optical disk drive; recorder; telephonic apparauts; typewriter

SHUGUANG Heavy duty machine Co.,ltd.
ball mills; dryer; fire-free brick machine; flotation machine; high voltage; kibbler; magnetic separators; mining equipment; preparation equipment; pulverizer; raymond boulder crusher; raymond mill; r ...

Ningxia Machinery Institute Co.,ltd.
titanium carbide; titanium diboride; titanium diboride+ aluminum oxide; titanium diboride+ magnesia; titanium diboride+ titanium carbide

Zhongwei Network Service
Provides the domain name application, the hypothesized main engine, the high quality website plans, the main page manufacture.