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SIKAN DEER Trading Co.,ltd.
crystal; drink; electromechanical; electronic; food; industry; machinery; material; reserve; various foreign trade; vesture; vise

Xinjiang Kuerle GUOXIE Company
refined chemical products; products of chemical industry; sealing engineering; hardware; leakage-blocking materials, tools; central refrigerating plant cleaning; upper air cleaning; software agent;

Akesu Youth Service Center
adolescent; educational product service agent; movement undertake; products agent; psychology cosulting; trade planning; training

Xinjiang HUIHE Law firm
enterprise investigation; enterprise selor; individual selor; investigation mediate; labor umpire agent; law case umpire agent; penal law case vindication; suit agent

Changji LONGSHANMA Electronic lock Factory
motorcycle alarm lock steel cable alarm lock bicycles alarm lock roll-shutter gate alarm lock household alerm lock sounds communication lock motor-driven bike alarm lock unit alerm lock telecontrol al ...

KUERLELUYIN Zoology Co.,ltd.
555 building film; 555 thermal insulation film; building film; bursting diaphragm; construction heat insulation safe; construction safe; construction thermal insulation film; decoration; installation ...

Xinjiang Akesu BEITONG Software Company
agriculture tolling system; bath hose software; clothing management software; drugstore management software; hospital management software; hotel guest room software; management system for auto accesso ...

Shihezi Development zone SHENNEI Food Co.,ltd
carotene soft capsules; lycoypene soft capsule, carotene soft capsules, soybean lecithin soft capsule, propolis soft capsule; propolis soft capsule; soybean lecithin soft capsule;

carving; digital grave gifts; hand carving handicrafts gift; jade; processing; root carvings; stone ornaments; stone-carving handicraft; stones material; strange stone; wall hangings; watch; wooden st ...

Yiwu LIXIN Photoelectricity Technology Co.,ltd.
located at china small wares yiwu economy development zone, laser technology, laser carving processing equipment and crystal laser inner carvings products including 3D picture design develop, and mar ...

Xinjiang Sanwei Network
Provides the enterprise to access the net the complete set plan, the electronic commerce and the local area network construction.

Yunnan Sugar Web
The sugar industry tendency, the narration, the electronic commerce, on-line buy the sugar, the economy, the news, the Yunnan Province outstanding economical net.

Xinjiang Huaweb
About the Xinjiang flowers and plants' dynamic introduction, as well as each kind of present sells the Xinjiang special product.

Xinjiang HENGHUI Starch Co.,ltd.

Xinjiang Kashi Bee Products
Is engaged in the bee product production, the processing, the circulation base, the main product has the honey, fresh bee royal jelly.