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XINDE Investment Cosulting Co.,ltd.
company tactic cosulting; company economy cosulting; capital business cosulting; manufacture management cosulting; company cosulting; management cosulting

Tobacco primary processing plant, Tobacco leaf threshing and redrying plant, Hig h-speed cigarette make combination, Automatic storage & retravel system, plastic machine.

Wulumuqi XINXIN Weighing instrument Trading co.
counter scale series; electronic glass scale; electronic scale for kitchen; electronic valuation platform balance; human body health scale; mechanical scale; platform balance; pocket scale; portable s ...

Fuzhou Gangyi E-Commerce Co.,Ltd.
Devotes to based on the Internet application system development, builds the enterprise network service platform.

Xinjiang GUOZHIMEI Refrigeration BAOXIAN Co.,ltd.
logistics transport; refrigeration; restaurant & entertainment; xinjiang dry fruit; xinjiang fruitage; xinjiang inguishing feature agriculture & byproducts

Xinjiang Desert Treasure Trading co. Ltd.
curio calligraphy and painting; and white jade; jasper;; jadeite; stained stone; sweet-scented osmanthus; processing and desert strange stone marketing; folk various arts & crafts; stone handicraft; s ...

Wulumuqi SALAMAI Food Co.,ltd.
environment protection packing bags raw and processed materials; plastic packing bag for foodstuff; various sundry grain flour fine processing; various sundry provisions; various sundry provisions raw ...

Wulumuqi JUYOU Network technology Co.,ltd.
3com; AMP; Avaya; cabinet; D-link; fiber; IBDN; integrative wire layout; network card; network telephone set; optical fiber transceiver; patchcord; router; switch; termination box; Tp-link; VPN; websi ...

Xinjiang Jin Xin Entrust Investment Co.,Ltd.
Provides the stock analysis, the profession research, the situation , negotiable securities information and so on hot spot tracing, material retrieval

LONGMEI Practical Technology CHUANGYE Center
crystal neon luminescent sheet making technology; crystal noctilu; energing-storaging luminescent materials making technology; flash glass handicrafts; human body art technology; metal watch special a ...

Turfan LU Pearl Fruit Co.,ltd.
xinjiang dry fruit, xinjiang fruitage, inguishing feature; xinjiang dry fruit, xinjiang fruitage; inguishing feature; various raisin;

Wulumuqi JIAHUA LEIXUN Technology co.,ltd.
copper-clad steel; earth test instrument; ground module; ion; lightning protection engineering; lightning protection module; lightning rod; tiankui lightning protection unit

Xinjiang HONGTAI - RIDIXIN Energy Co.,ltd.
power station engineering; solar energy battery plate; solar lamps and lantern series; solar power station construct; solar products; solar series lighting

Xinjiang YONGXU Technology co.,ltd.
biology cosmetics; hetian jade; lavender series; nano products for pet; nano spiritualization gene series; nano wood series &; pilose deer horn series; saussurea involucrata series; website making; xi ...

Xinjiang YANGGUANGXIN Energy technology Co.,ltd.
solar energy heat collector; solar generate electricity; solar lamp & table lamp; solar-energy water heater; wind power generate electricity