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XINRUIYING Technology development Co.,ltd.
fashion; hotel wares; multiple function health care quilt; patent touch medical sanitary towel; quilts & garments; safety products; shoes and hats; special type garments; war industry product; work-we ...

Yiwu HUACAN Luggage Factory
various aluminum products luggage; Aluminum case; Make-up kit; Cd case; Workbox; Medicine case; File; ter; Cassette; Pilot case; Gun case; computer file; Barbecue oven; Luggage; Casket; Instrument cas ...

Wulumuqi YITIANCHEN Trading Co.,ltd.

Yiwu Xiangjiang Clothing Co.,Ltd.
American smart duck shirt produces which by this company, uses the pure natural wooden oar textile fiber, the high tech spinning and weaving lining, has.

Yiwu Yuzhou Knitting Underwear Co.,Ltd.
"" health body-building underwear, gymnastics pants, pants, waistcoat, women's underwear and bra, pyjamas, pyjamas products.

Xinjiang RONGHUI Technology co.,ltd.
agriculture & byproducts; financing; hospital ect fee software; logistics; restaurant; various ornaments; xinjiang inguishing feature garments

Xinjiang Kuerle GUOXIE Company
refined chemical products; products of chemical industry; sealing engineering; hardware; leakage-blocking materials, tools; central refrigerating plant cleaning; upper air cleaning; software agent;

Xinjiang HUIHE Law firm
enterprise investigation; enterprise selor; individual selor; investigation mediate; labor umpire agent; law case umpire agent; penal law case vindication; suit agent

Urumqi HAMA Copper handicrafts Co.,ltd.
pakistan tradition handicrafts; copper sculpture; wood carving; national furniture; costume shoes; hetian jade; virtu calligraphy and painting;

Xinjiang LEHUO Vegetable & fruit Drink Co.,ltd.
vc; citric acid; carrot series drink; concentrated carrot juice; carrot concentrated; tomato syrup; thick chili sauce;; concentrated apple juice; thick chili sauce;

Hami HUANCHENGLUYABO Netting cover Sales dept.
xinjiang long-staple cotton; tick; quilt cover; sheet; pillows; pillowslip;; xinjiang cotton piece goods; xinjiang walnuts in shell; harmi fructus zizyphi sativae; blanket; carpet; hes; on fibre; long ...

Xinjiang YIMEIDA Recreation facility Co.,ltd.
artificial lawn; basketball; bowling complete sets of equipments; bowling equipment; bowling equipment installation service; bowling fittings and articles; bowling shoes; decorative lighting; disposab ...

Xinjiang BOYU Electronic Co.,ltd.
agricultural products purchase system; enterprise financial software; hospital information management system; hotel restaurant management system; water supply pipe system

Wulumuqi SIDADI Technology co.,ltd.

Xinjiang Sanwei Network
Provides the enterprise to access the net the complete set plan, the electronic commerce and the local area network construction.