Chinese Businesses > Xinjiang (matching about 34 products, 2,280 businesses)

Yinchuan Ventilator Factory
various ventilator; L36LD, L41-43LD roots fan; G/Y4-73 drum-type induced draft fan; 9-19, 26 high voltage centrifugal blower; C6-48, C6-46, C4-73 dust-free; 9-19, 9-26, 9-28 high voltage centrifugal b ...

agriculture production goods; cotton-seed oil; cottonseed shell protein; glycyrrhizin; licorice; licorice frost; licorice section; liquorice extract; long-staple cotton

Xinjiang MAIQUER Group Co.,ltd.
moon cake, yantai red fuji apple, creamery, cake, bread, ice cream, stuffed glutinous rice dumplings; mid-autumn moon cake;

JIKEXUN International Business (Group) Company
Network telephone set; network mobile phone; network aerospace; domain name; network bookstore; network TV; Protective foods; beauty toilette; high-tech electronic; online trade; Tour; Medium; Real & ...

Shandong Yongchun TANG Biology Co.,ltd.
function sexual; health food; health products; cosmetics.; ginkgo biloba health tea; theroot of red rooted salvia ginkgo tea; medicinal magnetic health-care pillow.... 30 multiple products; ganoderma ...

Xinjiang MAODIANYE Co.,ltd.
australia angora wool; knitting car seat cushion; sheets; sofa cushion; australia angora wool; knitting car seat cushion; sheets; sofa cushion;

Xinjiang KAILIDA Network technology Co.,ltd.
computer software hardware, network, software for hotel administration and lock; wine shop articles; software for hotel administration; agricultural products; medicinal materials;

Jimu saer XIANGER Pure oil ZHI Factory
safflower seeds; hemp seed; vegetable seed; sunflowerseeds; sufflower seeds edible oil; flaxseed oil; canola oil; sunflower seed oil;

Yiwu HUACAN Luggage Factory
various aluminum products luggage; Aluminum case; Make-up kit; Cd case; Workbox; Medicine case; File; ter; Cassette; Pilot case; Gun case; computer file; Barbecue oven; Luggage; Casket; Instrument cas ...

Xinjiang KAIRUI fur & leather Co.,ltd.
oxhide lanshipi; horse hide lanshipi; goat lanshipi; oxhide cases leather; horse hide suitcases & bags leather; goatskin suitcases & bags leather;

Xinjiang LEHUO Vegetable & fruit Drink Co.,ltd.
vc; citric acid; carrot series drink; concentrated carrot juice; carrot concentrated; tomato syrup; thick chili sauce;; concentrated apple juice; thick chili sauce;

WUSHI SHENGXI Children's garments ZHUANG Factory
students' uniform; work-wear; uniform; sportswera; undershirt; military clothing; doctor and nurse suits; bedding; wine shop uniform;

Urumqi XINSHI District YUBO Skin products Factory
trait wool kneepad; waist protector;; shoulder pad; sheepskin waistcoat; leather trousers; standards leisure costume; nick clothing;

Xinjiang MINGXIYA Electronic Co.,ltd.
led screens led street lamp solar street lights led side protection led wall lamp led spotlights led electric light source led products led lighting products crystal lighting sheepskin lamp

Xinjiang ZHUOHENG Technology development Co.,ltd.
programmable switches; group telephone; telephone switchboard; telephone message recorder system; security checking system;