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XINHONGLING Crafts Factory
buddhist utensil articles; trough; santa claus; spirit; hanging articles; money saving pot; photo frame; timepiece; reading lamp; porpoise; faery; ashtray; solar arts & crafts; led light arts & crafts ...

JIKEXUN International Business (Group) Company
Network telephone set; network mobile phone; network aerospace; domain name; network bookstore; network TV; Protective foods; beauty toilette; high-tech electronic; online trade; Tour; Medium; Real & ...

Urumqi XINSHI District YUBO Skin products Factory
trait wool kneepad; waist protector;; shoulder pad; sheepskin waistcoat; leather trousers; standards leisure costume; nick clothing;

Xinjiang MAIQUER Group Co.,ltd.
moon cake, yantai red fuji apple, creamery, cake, bread, ice cream, stuffed glutinous rice dumplings; mid-autumn moon cake;

agriculture production goods; cotton-seed oil; cottonseed shell protein; glycyrrhizin; licorice; licorice frost; licorice section; liquorice extract; long-staple cotton

Xinjiang LONGMA Industry & trade Co.,ltd.
wooden ornament; arts & crafts; building materials; jewelry and jade article processing; agriculture technology development; business information consulting;

Kashi Import and export Co.,ltd.
import and export steel scrap, waste copper, waste aluminium, waste paper,; Morels; trading state import and export and agent; foreign job engineering and labor; trading import and export and agent

Yiwu HUACAN Luggage Factory
various aluminum products luggage; Aluminum case; Make-up kit; Cd case; Workbox; Medicine case; File; ter; Cassette; Pilot case; Gun case; computer file; Barbecue oven; Luggage; Casket; Instrument cas ...

Xinjiang KAIRUI fur & leather Co.,ltd.
oxhide lanshipi; horse hide lanshipi; goat lanshipi; oxhide cases leather; horse hide suitcases & bags leather; goatskin suitcases & bags leather;

Xinjiang ZHUOHENG Technology development Co.,ltd.
programmable switches; group telephone; telephone switchboard; telephone message recorder system; security checking system;

Jimu saer XIANGER Pure oil ZHI Factory
safflower seeds; hemp seed; vegetable seed; sunflowerseeds; sufflower seeds edible oil; flaxseed oil; canola oil; sunflower seed oil;

Xinjiang KAILIDA Network technology Co.,ltd.
computer software hardware, network, software for hotel administration and lock; wine shop articles; software for hotel administration; agricultural products; medicinal materials;

Xinjiang LEHUO Vegetable & fruit Drink Co.,ltd.
vc; citric acid; carrot series drink; concentrated carrot juice; carrot concentrated; tomato syrup; thick chili sauce;; concentrated apple juice; thick chili sauce;

Xinjiang LANDE Fine Petrochem Co.,Ltd.
alkalescence calcium naphthenate series; alkyl monosulfide phenol calcium; ashless dispersant; vessel oil complexing agent;

BAZHOU WOJIN Mineral Co.,ltd.
ironmine; copper ore; various mica; xinjiang red jujubes; xinjiang walnuts in shell; xinjiang raisin; xinjiang long-staple cotton;