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Jiayixing (Dalian) Wooden Product Co., Ltd.   24 products, 2 pictures
Ice cream sticks,ice cream spoons,coffee stirrers,corn dog sticks,tongue depressors,other food use and medical use sticks,wooden tableware

Shenyang Long Yun Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing   14 products
Quilting machine,cotton carding machine,rag tearing line,pillow filling machine,cotton fluffer,opener,cross lapper

Dalian TIANFENG Enterprise Development Co.,ltd.
general merchandises; electronic; hardware, mechanical and electrical products; chemical; general merchandises; electronic; hardware, mechanical and electrical products; chemical; rubber, tyre; techni ...

Changbai Yingda Wood Company Ltd.
toothpick,craft stick,hot dog stick,ice cream spoon,ice cream stick,wooden stick,coffee stirrer,skewer,wooden ice cream spoon,wooden tongue depressor,wooden ice cream stick,wooden toothpick,wooden ske ...

Shenyang Niuba Dian
Niu Bayou several dozens kind of special seasonings salt system selects the beef, the western-style solar egg as well as the Italian macaroni careful configuration becomes.

Dalian LIANGYUN Hotel
Dalian transports the hotel is good an international standard four star class hotel, is situated at the town center finance business gold land sector.

Henan Xin Yang Shen Guang Hotel
All quarters guest comes Xinyang to be on a vacation the traveling, official business stops over, business trade discussion, holds the conference the ideal to stay at the place.

Dalian North Hotel
North Dalian the big hotel is the place modernization three star classes comprehensive nature traveling touches on foreign affairs the big hotel.

Xinbin Manzu Self-rule Xingjing Hotel
The Sinpin Manchu nationality autonomous county was popular the Beijing guesthouse new extension in 1995, existing staff 120 people.

Dalian International Airport Hotel
Four star classes touch on foreign affairs the traveling guesthouse, on-line subscribes the room, in the shop handles seizes the opportunity the procedure.

Anshan Jinlong Mansion
The collection writing room, the dining, the entertainment, the guest room and the bank settlement is a body comprehensive commercial intelligence building.

Liaoning Dalian Tai Yang Cheng Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
The Guangdong type vegetable department, the seafood cooking, the Guangdong type early tea, night, the traveling association and the wedding banquet continues and the newest cooked food promotes; En ...

Dalian LINXIANG Exhibition Meeting Service Co.,ltd.
business review; design and construction; exhibition merchant; exhibition planning; hotel schedule; meeting reception; professional meeting planning; protocol emoration; tickets agent

DAJING No. 9 Fast food Web
chinese style fast food, introduction restaurant culture, cate menu, service, chain join in.

Shenyang Jinbei auto Mansion
cil-chamber; guest room; spree