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Yiwu City Kangmei Apparel Co., Ltd.   10 products
satin lace multicolor petti rompers for baby;2013 newest fashion cute baby swing back top set;Multicolor hair bow with ribbon;Fashionest cool football satin petti romper with leg warmers;4 inch mum fl ...

Yiwu HUACAN Luggage Factory
various aluminum products luggage; Aluminum case; Make-up kit; Cd case; Workbox; Medicine case; File; ter; Cassette; Pilot case; Gun case; computer file; Barbecue oven; Luggage; Casket; Instrument cas ...

Xinjiang KAIRUI fur & leather Co.,ltd.
oxhide lanshipi; horse hide lanshipi; goat lanshipi; oxhide cases leather; horse hide suitcases & bags leather; goatskin suitcases & bags leather;

Yiwu Xiangjiang Clothing Co.,Ltd.
American smart duck shirt produces which by this company, uses the pure natural wooden oar textile fiber, the high tech spinning and weaving lining, has.

Yiwu Yuzhou Knitting Underwear Co.,Ltd.
"" health body-building underwear, gymnastics pants, pants, waistcoat, women's underwear and bra, pyjamas, pyjamas products.

Wulumuqi HAIYUN Tint Image Design Studio
individual style assay diagnose; individual tint rule assay diagnose; individual toilette tutor; individual whole image design; team tint image training; tint image cosulting; womenfolk individual cla ...

XINRUIYING Technology development Co.,ltd.
fashion; hotel wares; multiple function health care quilt; patent touch medical sanitary towel; quilts & garments; safety products; shoes and hats; special type garments; war industry product; work-we ...

Xinjiang RONGHUI Technology co.,ltd.
agriculture & byproducts; financing; hospital ect fee software; logistics; restaurant; various ornaments; xinjiang inguishing feature garments

Wulumuqi YITIANCHEN Trading Co.,ltd.

Yiwu Brother-Sister And sister-in-law Vanity Bag Factory
leather vanlity, PVC transparent crystal, related products of high-key wave manufacture lodge,silver -bag, fashionable bag, poked-vanity, crystal bag and ordered sample

Xinjiang Wulumuqi BAIGE Non-woven fabrics products Co.,ltd.
advertising bags; apron; environmental protection bag; file pockets; gift bag; nonwoven cloth bags; shoes bags; shopping bags; tote bag; waistcoat shaped bag; western-style clothes bag

HUAXIN Trading co. Ltd.
foreign trade garment;

QIANKUN Clothing Co.,ltd.
clothing; clothing;

Canvas product

Hong Kong JINLAGOU Co.,ltd.
children's shoes insole