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Xinjiang KEPUKE Compressor Co.,ltd.   28 products
air-compressors. gas-holder. cold drying machine. filter. fittings.; air-compressors. gas-holder. cold drying machine. fittings.

Yiwu City Kangmei Apparel Co., Ltd.   10 products
satin lace multicolor petti rompers for baby;2013 newest fashion cute baby swing back top set;Multicolor hair bow with ribbon;Fashionest cool football satin petti romper with leg warmers;4 inch mum fl ...

Urumchi City Shanwei Machine Ltd.
Four-side wood-working thicknesser,finger joint assembler,fitment,horizontal belt sander,horizontal belt sander,wood-line milling machine,wood-working circular saw,wood-working fine band saw,wood-work ...

Qingdao AOKEMA Business Co.,ltd
refrigeratory; refrigerator; washing machine; small-sized home electrical appliance; air conditioner; ventilator; gas-fired utensil; sterilizing cupboards; electromotive bikes.;

Shenzhen JIZHIYUAN Cosmetics Co.,ltd.   26 products
cosmetics; shampoo liquid; skin protection product; washing milk

TIANLI Industry Head co. Ltd.
pseudocumene; trimellitic anhydride; petroleum coke; calcined petroleum coke; pre-baking anode; 2. 6- tert-butylbenzene; 2. 4- tert-butylbenzene; phenol; anti-oxidants;

Xinjiang DEHENG Agriculture Co.,ltd.   15 products
wine production

button zipper; cationic dyestuff; chemical auxiliary; drying-cleaning machine; industrial embroidery sewing machine; ironing machine; lsquo; security system; sewing equipment; shears; stitching machin ...

Xinjiang TUNHE Investment Co.,Ltd.
alcohol; apricot pulp; awei mushroom can; brown sugar; building materials products of chemical industry; carrot powder; dried apricot; dried vegetables; lycopene; medlar; petroleum crude oil import ag ...

Treasures General merchandise Trading co. Ltd.
empower chain machine; food; health products; skin protection product; color make-up; furniture cleanness products; health nutrition consulting; investment economy consulting;

Taiwan JUNTAO Industry Xinjiang Office
ceramic; ceramic ashtray; ceramic flowerpot; jewelry case; key box; lavender; lavender refined oil; multifunctional pen; oil burner; porcelain cup; refined oil; solar; solar lawn lamp; solar power lam ...

Xinjiang Hirun International Trade Co., Ltd.   2 products, 2 pictures
Tomato Paste,Apricot Puree Concentrate,Apple Juice Concentrate,Peach Puree Concentrate

Xinjiang The public Information Industry Co.,Ltd.
168 information; commercial computer; founder commercial computer; founder servicer; GPS site; HP commercial computer; HP notebook; HP printer; HP servicer; IBM notebook; IBM scientific research cente ...

Sichuan High pressure vavle Factory
butterfly valve; check valve; corrugated pipe; fittings processing valve installation and service; high; low pressure valves; low temperature valve; marketing; middle; safety valve; spherical valve; s ...

Xinjiang TIANSHAN Wool spinning Co.,Ltd.
cashmere; cashmere sweaters; co-spun sweater; knitted sweater; scribbled; velvet sweater; velvet yarn; wool yarn; woolen yarn; wool-free cashmere