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Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd.   7 products, 7 pictures
Nylon chip,nylon filament,polyester filament,polyester textured yarn,functional yarn,functional fabric,fashion fabric,dty,ecotextile,retardant fabric,solution dyed yarn,awning fabric,waterproof fabric ...

Cangzhou Huaxin knitting Co.,ltd   9 products, 9 pictures
cashmere, wool, Yangzi hair, rabbit fur, cotton, cotton, linen, Maoqing, all sunny and various raw materials of artistic elements yarn sweaters

Shanghai PUCHUN Electronic Co.,ltd.   5 products, 5 pictures
circuit board ( pcb ); circuit board design; circuitry board (PWB); components and parts buy on sb.'s behalf; electronic; electronic weld processing; SMT

Shangqiu Ruixin Environmental Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
RESEM provides Pyrolysis Plant systems that convert petroleum based waste streams such as plastics & tires, into quality fuels, carbons

XinHua Share Co., Ltd.   10 products, 2 pictures
Non-woven materials for shoes, non-woven leather based fabrics, needle punched filter materials, geotextiles and chemical products

Chongqing Helen Carpet Co.,ltd.   3 products, 3 pictures
bayonet carpet; car mat; carpet; manual carpet; nylon carpet; printed rug; sheared sheepskin rug for door; square rug; tufting carpet; wilton carpet

Weifang JIERUIDA Machinery Co.,ltd.   7 products
suction dredger; belt type press filter; sludge scraper; sand-water separator; spiral conveyor without axes; grating machine; slag removing device; sand-water separator; center transmission scraper su ...

Ningbo Rally Precision Machining
Established in 2000, Ningbo Rally Precision Machining Co., Ltd. is a industrial parts manufacturer with over 12 years experience. Professional manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of OEM metal and p ...

Dongguan WANLI (WANLI) Machinery factory   60 products, 29 pictures
cycle; fabric bias cutting machine; folding machine; heeling machine; hydraulic pressure blocking machine; oil pressure machine; pneumatic wire-pressing machine; polishing machine; powerful glue rubbe ...

Dongguan Changan LINGYI Ornaments Factory   10 products, 5 pictures
ornaments wholesale ornaments fittings alloy artware alloy gift alloy plastic fittings metallic handicrafts metallic gifts alloy joss alloy pendant tip alloy hand ornaments head omaments plastic fitti ...

Zhejiang An Shun Pettechs Fibre Co., Ltd.   2 products
PET bottle recycling equipment and machinery,Polyester staple fiber,Hollow conjugated polyester staple fiber,PET Bottle Washing Line,PET flake washing line,POY production line,Polyester staple fiber p ...

Northwest KAIDI Freight Aerospace Rubbers Co.,ltd.   14 products, 2 pictures
oil tank; rubber sealing washer; rubber sheets; rubber tubes; software equipment for storing and transporting; steel wire wrapped hose; transfer pipe

Langfang KANGXIN Electronicparts Co.,ltd.   53 products, 29 pictures
agent, marketing; electronicparts, small-sized home electrical appliance; mobile phone coating hook; LG electric motor; framework for washing machine;

Shenzhen Grass Co., Ltd.   2 products
Bin,WPC bench,HDPE trash can,plastic bin,garden bench,rubbish bin,waste bin,garbage bin,steel bin,trash bin,litter bin,ash bin,garden furniture,rattan waste bin,stainless steel trash bin,park bench,ga ...

Kunshan DEYI Plastic products Co.,ltd.   19 products, 2 pictures
vaginal dilator; pvc ear washing ball; urine cup; denture case; tweezers; inoculation; operation brush; medicine cup; TPE ear washing ball; folding shopping handcart; medical measuring glass; sower; t ...